i don’t want to hear it anymore.obama this. obama that. i was spouting off my disdain just nearly 8 years ago.

we will never agree. so lets just stop trying to top eachother.

red. blue. wigs. balds.

just stop it.

when it comes down to it we are all just humans with needs of food and drink and shitting…and sweat blood and tears.


i want to scream.

i find myself joking about the most ludicrous things, that don’t hold humor. that don’t hold humanity. i use words that offend and i don’t give a fuck. so what!? i don’t have a mother to chastise me, nor a father…thank you cancer for taking my family. you won’t get me….?

what happened to the dreams of my youth…oh yeah, i know. it’s too shocking to blurt out..but i will quickly tell you fuck you. don’t want to seem a victim by mentioning the root. well, it happened. and I felt a victim, but now i am triumphant. i attempt to find the stepsisses…did they grow up unscathed? is a girl supposed to know about the flower before it has bloomed?

well it is not her choice, but the choice of a horny man who can have the sweetness of the budding flower instead of the withering bloom.

for you women who feel you have to plump up your face with poison or put balloon bags in your tits…i get it…or do I?

i suppose i’m just over the complaints. it’s going to happen. i’ll take the sway of the devil because I don’t  believe it can be any other way…i exist…very much so. I think I’ve not met one person who has forgotten me so I must be the devil…and I’m ok with this


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