Breathe 5/29/13

It’s taking its time to be where I (we) can be relaxed with life.

It just happened this last week upon transitioning into our new positions with The Sanderling.
I’m feeling integrated, trained at Kimball’s and did some banquets/weddings for the corp…stress free in twenty one three….finally.

Watching Office Space while I type this…know that I too have entered into corporate life, but its necessary.
Eventually the nastiness of HER will subside for myself and our friend, and the gloriousness of her demise will be what she deserves and we can begin to truly let it all go.

I wake up most days and remember the time I spent with the GFY’s, how I felt I was holding it down, and I did.
But when it came down to it I was just a pawn in the scape of the Land. I don’t think it affects my karma to wish for their downfall, they wronged us so many ways. You can only do this so many times before your ass is bit, and bleeding and you have no more monies to buy salve to tend your wounds.

Its coming, the summer, and we will work hard…we will shake it off and do it the next night!

I feel like since my firing in Feb I’ve not had a relaxing moment. The hole dug from that experience has begun to be comfortable…I’m wearing it, and my bill collectors are not accepting the fact that I’ve not recovered yet.
I want to enjoy life. I find that its better to have something to smile about, so I do.

What about you?


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