do you know that person who in the way they deliver makes them feel pushy, just a bit to suggestive, just out right beyond their bounds?

I’ve been feeling this since the beginning of my return to an old haunt of employment.

unfortunately the crew from last summer do not recognize my time and experience way before they were even a seasonality in its eye.

the beginning of the experience was ugly. words that should not be spoken heard because the boss figure we had to jump the corporate hoops was a band-aid…turns out they expressed their nasty on them first.

so much time was spent to shove through the need to prove and show my worth. rifuckindiculous. after a summer of stress i rose above expectations, showed my worth and then some and now.NOW here we are once again. we are in the last weeks of being open.

I’m being bullied once again. at first it was to be off the schedule because of seniority…who am I to infiltrate their money pool? now it’s we are overstaffed, yes again, and I’m being forced into taking a shift off….but the way it’s being done is forceful and without regard to what I may need or want.

no. more. done.

i’m a passive person…for those of you who know me…this seems silly, i’m very loud and out.

but in the face of something that works against the grain, i choose to stand back…but i am speaking beneath.


so you come here and make a bunch of loot and then you head off to a foreign country to surf the winter away…ohhhh pooor you….and I had to listen to you say you made more than enough money….but still you bitch.

or. you just got back from utopia land and you just plan on traveling more.

i can’t do this. i am in a situation of survival.

poor me. bully this!


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