cloudy rainy blowy

Waking up in the morning with the sun blaring in makes me want to put on my eye mask and return to whatever twisted dream land I was absorbed into…also because my insomnia has an uncanny way of allowing me to return to snoozing once there is light in the sky! But! When I awake to a cloudy gray day I want to stay in bed all day…

Coffee in bed with the dogs, following up on social media while the news is on the tube…checking the usual websites, cross referencing stories being telecasted with what internet news sources are reporting. Snuggling and cooing at the dogs and then the cat takes her corner…one big happy family because the hubs is also in the mix….sometimes taking advantage of a quick doze off and then back to awake. High thread count sheets are an impediment to being a productive human, the will power it takes to break free of their hold is commendable!

Open up the sliding door and let the cool air find its way in, it’s so very nice to feel the crispness of fall finding its way through the late summer weather….good golly the bed looks so inviting…maybe just a little more time relaxing with the pups and making sure all the routine sights and apps have been checked, and there is more coffee to be sipped.

Now…this to me is normal behavior, I’m spoiled I know. It does not happen everyday because the sun shines more often than not and for this I am grateful, its one of the most reliable occurrences in our lives. There was this movie I was shown in elementary school where the sun only shined for a small amount of time maybe once a year and the children would run out and play in its glory. But in this movie one child didn’t get to go out because of some asshole that locked them away during the sunshine time…first off, I couldn’t live void of the sun…second off, I would’ve kicked that little assholes face in once they returned to the drab life they trapped me in.

If….this gluttony of soft sheets and cool breeze were to continue I would have a pizza still in its box laying upon the bed allowing for at least two slices to be devoured while the dogs are in the yard. Of course my top priority in life are my furry children so we’d have to leave the house for them to enjoy the blustery empty beach but when we returned home we find the call of the sheets and breeze calling to us…in which we’d catch up on shows and movies and eat popcorn.

It’s not really good for someone to remain horizontal all day long so there would probably be some other outing involving dogs and food…which would mean it’s time to make the bed. In which I always whisper to my favorite pillow case and those damn saucy sheets that I’ll be back before they know it….

It is finally seeming to be fall-ish with winter on its way and with this weather brings the wide open beaches for the dogs to play willy nilly and perfect beach treasure finding time. It is also the time in which the bed is the most comfy and the sky gray enough to wish I were in my early twenties when a job meant little to me so I’d just call off and stay in bed. Sacrificing ourselves to walk north into the winds so the dogs get to have chase, our face warming as we head back south…

Being a year round resident of the Outer Banks requires this sacrifice…brace yourselves winter is coming




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