stereotypes are born from prejudices 6/1/11

i have lived in 5 other states besides the one i spent the first 19 years of my life.

i went from CA to TN at an age where I was still forming opinions about life, people and myself.

my father, who i lived with upon first arriving there, was a mail carrier and from him i learned a stereotype…one involving welfare checks.

i ended up meeting a group of people who were on a path that i had started to explore well before leaving “the land of fruits and nuts” and in this union of like minds we formed a sort of commune and entered into a realm of another stereotype.

when i lived in San Diego a lot of my childhood and teenage years was spent in Mira Mesa near the Miramar AFB. in this community were a lot of people of Philipino ethnicity and because my experience with most of the kids my age of that descent were of the bullying gang variety i formed a prejudice. some of the adults that i was around growing up had prejudices against people of the Latino descent and from these prejudices i heard a lot of what and how these type of people would be, or their stereotypes

when i left Cali i carried with me my prejudice and after spending time opening my mind and heart i learned that y prejudice had allowed me to form a stereotype toward anyone whos eyes had the asian look. i realized this was not only wrong but something i had learned by experience or adult influence. i could reinvent myself, could return to a blank slate and see everyone despite race or color as a fellow human, so i did.

in each state i’ve lived in since i experienced the locality of what makes its people who they are and also what newcomers to a community bring as well. in each place there were a prominent type and of those there could be someone of that group who was an individual and open to excepting what makes me individual.

religion is a driving force more so in some areas than others, having grown up without religion i am free to choose what seems right for me while respecting what is right for you. unfortunately some organized religions dont allow for that acceptance and that is where the difference does lay, where the prejudice and stereotype of religion drives a wedge between humans.

where i live now i have few friends, and these few are some of the most generous and kind people i have ever met and i am grateful for their help and good times i have had with them. 

being in the service industry in every state i’ve lived has afforded me the ability to see all the different colors and flavors of the human race. i guess you could call it a control study in a sense and from these experiences in restaurant land stereotypes are formed. i’ve been struggling with this in the area i now reside, i don’t like judge…but i’m starting to see that perhaps stereotypes are made because of the people who fill them. so i guess this does afterall make me prejudiced! i am prejudiced against bad tippers and they come in all shapes, sizes and colors!

although i have this impediment that the majority of us humans carry i do my best to not assume that these bad tippers represent the community they live in. i do my best not to assume that when 6 out of the 8 people i interacted with that day had racial slurs or religious judgements to throw at me that they are not representing the community they live in….i’m just unlucky in finding someone who may be willing to not judge me.

so i’ve learned to listen more than speak and when i hear words of hate i do my best to find the love, i wont complain anymore about where i live because it seems to be taken personally by those few who i’m graced to have found.

had to get this off my chest, stifled, salt water fish…


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