Unknown Every Day-7/28/13

Waking up I wiggle my toes
Yes. I can feel them again today.
Numbness still on the bottoms of my feet but wiggly toes will help me keep balance once I am up and at em.

Lifting my head from the pillow to touch my chin to my chest to check the shock.
Buzzing from my mid torso on down to my perineum.
Maybe it won’t stay.
Maybe this is just the start of today, but no.
Upon sitting it shoots down into my legs, barely feeling it in my feet.

I am “abuzz” again and this leads to the pain.
It is sharp then dull and comes and goes without warning or notice but it is always there lingering.
It comes with a fury and leaves just as quick as it arrived.

My legs feel like they are full of cement and made of lead.
I have to concentrate to make them go, knowing at least that my toes will keep me up right, mostly.

I wonder when and if my mind will fall to this dis-ease and if it will stop sending messages.
I wonder if it is the parts of my body that will stop listening first?

Unknown every day.
Be Here Now


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