mom in man pants

my earliest childhood memory is being bathed in the sink. the reason for this was a plumbing issue, i was more than old/big enough to be in the bath tub. my mom and i were living with my aunt jan and uncle rick, which happened several times through my life.

there are so many pictures to piece together the bits of memories to follow. there were times we spent living just my mom and i as well as times living with a roomie or her brother and his wife.

there are also memories of living with her boyfriends who turned husband (one of those was addressed in a past blog) and wow what different scenarios those hold…not captured in photos and imprinted forever in my memory.

Our youthful years make up who we will be in our later years. from how we wear our make up to how we dress to how we date to how we might know how to cook to how we drive our car to how we make decisions or how we hate love or respect.

some of us live lives that do not prepare us for what it is like to be an adult, what it is to respect others or let alone ourselves. there are others that live with the tools of somewhat normal people with lacking certain imperatives and manners. we buck up, we make due with what we have and have not and either persevere or fall by the way side. some of us fall by the way side and then find our way back to survive.

my mother was a beautiful woman and it is not her to blamed for the way in which she found and followed through with love. life is circumstance given to us by our parents…and it passes on generation and so forth. we learn to love in many different ways. i keep questioning what it is that makes love wrong? just recently a story broke of a marine and his wife who had a standard lifestyle of sexualizing there children at birth to almost kinder years. in my mind this is wrong

flash back to the late 60’s and a family woman who lost her husband after her four children were born is a lover of vodka and partying and allowing the men of the party to have their way with her eldest daughter. does this make love wrong? how does this girl becoming a woman move onto her adult life? does she pass this on to her own daughter?

yes. she. does.

mom in man pants.

we carry this with us, we carry you around.

but i learn from you or i complete the cycle of passing it on to my own.

for Ruby.


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