she works hard for her homies

I work. Hard. I do my best to work as much as possible with allowing myself days off to recuperate. I need time to replenish my sleep and let my muscles mend from the constant.

I work because I need the money to pay the bills, chip away at debt and to acquire the things that bring daily happiness…because without having some sort of pleasure and enjoyment from my hard work I’d be a shell of a human. I support my friends businesses, I send money to friends and family who are in need and I do all in my power donate to causes I can…and I can do this because I work hard.

One of the biggest reasons I work hard is because I can and because I can, I do. What I mean by ‘I can’ is that I am able. By being able is that my dis-ease hasn’t disabled me.

I have MS and it is a different type of challenge daily. Depending on the weather or how much I’ve worked and lack of sleep or how the tides are rolling in with conjunction to the moon I may feel great or just down right horrible. Through all this differential elements working for and against me I keep plodding along…working…hard.

It is satisfying to me to be able to wake up daily and figure out the who I will be today and approach my work day the best way I can.

I had this job when I lived in SLC before I was diagnosed. I worked with this girl who told me she had MS and that everyday was a challenge and that she embraced each day she was able as a blessing. This girl did bike-a-thons and when her feet and legs would not cooperate she would strap them into the pedals and will herself to GO. I was so inspired by her…and then it was my reality too.

I wake up every day and wiggle my toes, assess how in which my day will unfold depending on how I feel. I think nothing of a wheel chair or if I will piss or shit myself. The hardest part of my day that affects others is whether my brain and mouth are going to communicate properly…this is the challenge of my life and its a biggie because my job is about communication.

I’m in the business of saying yes…and I love the work I do, it makes me so very happy to provide a warm experience for those who are out to be catered to…its what I do. I hope one day to own my own establishment where me and my hubs are cooking the foods and slinging the drinks and providing smiles and satisfaction…I hope

I have friends with MS who are so much worse off than me…I do this for you.




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