Red Flag Society

I stumbled across a television show on accident…

It reminds me in a way of my past 90210 days, I am a product of the 80’s and I embrace this. But this show has a Scrubs feel to it and because of it I feel justified…let the ghosts appear and fade away…..anthem of my life, one of them…

The content of the show has all sorts of impediments of life and one that hits home with me is the girl with Anorexia.

By looking at me now you might not think that I was afflicted by the disease of Anorexia during my teenage to early adult years, I am soft and blubbery and no longer thin trim and skin. Something switched in my brain, an enlightenment, and I began to focus on other things (this is what I refer to as my brain-washed-but-in-the-best-way phase of life) and stopped thinking about what might be eaten and how I would have to burn it off. I have become the exact opposite. Did my addictions change? Indeed.

There are so many people living with urges that they cannot control, I know this, and we may control one urge now but really just focus that energy on another. Perhaps we are all infected with the need to DO and what we choose this need to BE varies just like each of us, like snow flakes opinions and nipples we become slaves to our vices.

Our minds are so very complex and with these squiggly pink masses tucked in our bone cage we wouldn’t be able to dream big and fascinate about what may be. We also are able to feel extremely stressed the fuck out by the thoughts that flood our noggin and make your skin crawl and make you wanna imagine jumping out of our own skin (insert Hellraiser) if it were and option.

Have you ever felt that way? As if it were at all possible you would don your skin in a quick explosive way and hopefully shoot up into the sky? I feel this way a. lot. shhhh its a secret.

food was such an enemy and now I am a butter whore. I am sitting here typing this while a food show was put on after catching up with RFS, inspired YES I AM

the point.

we all have a body and mind and those things are happening without our will, science baby! but. BUT. technology and advancement influencing our lives has changed things and now us human folk are born with THE THINGS THAT MAKE US SICK-ER

I suffer from my damn loud mind and pain inducing dis-ease and I’m a chubby anorexic and you might be a freak just like me



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