those kind of people

I am in the hospitality business and I work at a resort that encourages people with the means to come and support the ends of the corporate entities that own the property. However, it is a spot in the road between here and there. To arrive at my resort employer you have to drive through here (Duck, NC) and then once you make it past the bubble you end up there (Corolla, NC and beyond).

I recently had a “local” aka homeowner come up for their usual homeowner responsibilities and I recognized them and acknowledged their return. They of course had all the usual homeowner things to say “we hope to move here full time”…”we have our local discount card”…and of course those people with the local discount card wonder whey I don’t take it from them to “scan”…and I say I see your card and will make the adjustments.

Do they know that their local/homeowner/handthemouttoanyregularresortguest discount card also equates to my and every employees discount? Yup…sighhhhhh

I’ve had a man tell me that I “obviously do not know math because the discount only equates to 10%, you obviously didn’t do this right”!!! My response is of course, it is illegal to discount your alcohol that is why it is that amount…this man is a doctor…who owns a house that he rents in the summer time but only uses maybe 2 months out of the off season.


These homeowners came in to have their breakfast like clockwork and decided to treat their “worker” with a breakfast sandwich upon their return….I let them know that when they were ready to go it would be perfect. They gave me the command (I mean this literally) and I brought it out in a bag with utensils, ketchup, mustard and mayo and let them know he could dress his sammy how he liked it….

Her response, “well, you would know what those kind of people would like”…

those kind of people

those kind of people?

what the fuck.

I stammer in response because what I really want to say is… look at your bad dye job and your husband has a foreign accent and I’m not quite sure what you mean did you know your Uggs are actually fucking skin and yes i live here year round while you are in NoVA!!!!! Yessss this is paradise…and I didn’t actually lie when I said we were out of blueberries because it was on the 86 board but we did have them but you’re such an asshole i let it slide…and then

I just had to mention how my husband likes ketchup on his eggs but I like mustard on my eggs because I’m human but I truly think you may be just a homeowner


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